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Hello there! And welcome to the about us web page! We in Bencraft Productions is a small company made by and for gamers. What we do is that we play games, review games, create games and help out gamers generally! Bencraft Productions mainly started out in 2009 when our first Minecraft Server was made, from then we have hosted websites, made youtube videos and had a lt of stuff going on! Bencraft Productions is a two man team at the moment which mostly have fun gaming. It is Bencraft the Founder and leader of Bencraft Productions and Bigpower the Helper, and just a guy that games a lot really...

Our goal with Bencraft Productions is to help ut gamers worldwide with their problems, what they want to know, and what they want to hear in the gaming world. We bring many reviews and knowledge with us through gaming and other internet needs.

But we also try to make games, but beeing just one guy creating games with no scripting knowledge is quite hard and can be really rough. But we still try our best to impress you the gamer with fancy new games that we want you to try out. At the moment we have three games at developement, The DragonHeart Saga, a 2D mmorpg. Crystal Forces, a 3D RPG game. Valkyrie, a 2D browser based platformer.

Not only do we do that, but we also host different servers through out the gaming world. For now it is only minecraft, but we will try to host other gaming servers in the future.

dIf there is anything else please do not hestitate by contacting us at this page, or at youtube,skype or email adress, Thanks you!

Youtube: GreymanePresents

Email: Superbenzy123@gmail.com

Skype: Benjamin.Bekken2

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